Montmaray Book Giveaway Winners

'The FitzOsbornes at War' title=

Thank you to everyone who shared some favourite book titles with us over the past fortnight. As always, there are lots of interesting recommended reads, and I’ve made a note of all of them in my book journal. Big congratulations to Kirsty, Alex and Hilde, who have each won a Montmaray book.

Thanks also to the American Ambassador to Montmaray for her continuing efforts to promote Montmaray. (By the way, Your Excellency, you’re allowed to resign your ambassadorial post whenever you like. Especially if you get a better offer from some other fictional kingdom. Narnia, say, or . . . actually, I can’t think of any others right now. But they probably offer better pay and working conditions.)

Also, the paperback edition of The FitzOsbornes at War1 is out now in North America. Very exciting!


  1. I’m pretty sure the book cover’s not as green and fuzzy as my picture suggests. Although maybe that’s a marketing strategy . . .
    PERSON BROWSING IN BOOKSHOP: Hey, look at this weird book! Why is it all green and fuzzy? Hmm . . . Kirkus says on the cover that it’s “absorbing, compelling and unforgettable.” I must buy this book at once!
    RANDOM HOUSE MARKETING PERSON HIDING BEHIND SHELVES: Rubs hands with glee. Places another green, fuzzy copy of ‘The FitzOsbornes at War’ on shelf.

One thought on “Montmaray Book Giveaway Winners”

  1. Hah! It’s so fun to be scrolling through carelessly trying to catch up on blogs only to find I’d been mentioned in one! I don’t think I can give up the ambassadorship, it makes me too happy when I remember it!

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