Dr Huxley’s Bequest

A History of Medicine in Thirteen Objects

Dr Huxley’s Bequest by Michelle Cooper

A mysterious bequest sends Rosy and Jaz on a race against time to identify thirteen strange and wonderful objects – which turn out to tell the story of medicine, from the superstitions of ancient Egypt to the modern-day ethical dilemmas of genetic testing.

Can unicorns cure leprosy?

What secrets of the brain did Michelangelo conceal in his Sistine Chapel paintings?

Did a zombie discover the cure for scurvy?

Does homeopathy actually work?

Why did an Australian scientist decide to drink dangerous bacteria?

Is grapefruit evil?

Did the bumps on Ned Kelly’s head predict his fate?

And how exactly did parachuting cats save a village from the plague?

An exploration of the beauty and power of scientific reasoning.
Creative non-fiction for thoughtful readers aged twelve years and up.

Read an excerpt from the book, visit the real places explored by Rosy and Jaz in the book, and download the teaching resources. Buy the book here.

Dr Huxley’s Bequest: A History of Medicine in Thirteen Objects © Michelle Cooper 2017
ISBN 978 0 6481651 0 1 (paperback)
ISBN 978 0 6481651 1 8 (epub)
ISBN 978 0 6481651 2 5 (Kindle)
Published by FitzOsborne Press in November, 2017

Dr Huxley’s Bequest: Cover design by Nada Backovic. Hippocrates bust and Vesalius skeleton images from Wellcome Library, London (CC BY 4.0). Opium poppy public domain image from Biodiversity Heritage Library, digitized by Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library.