‘The Montmaray Journals’ Optioned For Film and Television

I’m happy to announce that the film and television rights to The Montmaray Journals have been optioned by an independent US production company. Here’s a statement from producer Lucy Butler:

Book One: 'A Brief History of Montmaray'

“Roommates Entertainment is excited to have optioned Michelle Cooper’s trilogy of novels entitled ‘The Montmaray Journals’ including ‘A Brief History of Montmaray’, ‘The FitzOsbornes in Exile’, and ‘The FitzOsbornes at War’. We feel passionately that the journey of the young, soul searching and strong female protagonist, Sophie, forging her way in life in the era of WW2, will not only be dramatic, visual, informational but upmost inspirational, and will be a magnet for the audiences young and old.”

Having a book optioned is merely the first step in what is usually a long and convoluted journey from the page to the big (or small) screen. However, Lucy’s enthusiasm for the Montmaray books and her understanding of their historical and cultural background convinced me that she would be the right person for the job, and I’m hopeful that any film or television series that results will be true to the spirit of the books. I wish the production team all the best as they get started on this project, and I’ll keep you posted about any further developments.

12 thoughts on “‘The Montmaray Journals’ Optioned For Film and Television”

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful and exciting for you. And I sure hope that if it is decided to make a film of The Montmaray Journals it makes its way to the US for its many fans here to see.

  2. This may be the most exciting thing I’ve heard all week! I always thought Montmaray would make an amazing tv show/movie!

  3. This makes me so happy! I love the Montmaray Journals. I’ve been telling everyone to read them. I also have thought for some time that they would make an excellent mini-series. I hope to hear more excellent news about the project.

    1. Thanks, Penelope – glad you’re enjoying the books. The producers have just extended their option, so hopefully that means they’re making progress, but no firm news yet. If anything exciting happens, I promise to blog about it!

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