Why Science Book Titles Are The Best Book Titles

Browsing the science shelves at my local library yesterday, I found the following books:

How to Fossilise Your Hamster and Other Amazing Experiments for the Armchair Scientist

Dunk Your Biscuit Horizontally

Will We Ever Speak Dolphin?

The Velocity of Honey

Lies, Deep Fries and Statistics

The Joy of X

Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?


Actual book titles, people. And How to Fossilise Your Hamster is “The must-have companion to the No. 1 bestsellers, Does Anything Eat Wasps? and Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?

4 thoughts on “Why Science Book Titles Are The Best Book Titles”

  1. Dear Michelle,
    Two of my favorite science titles –
    How I killed Pluto and why it had it coming
    The Nazi war on cancer.
    And I am really glad you have finished another book. So – when may I read it.?
    Best wishes,

    1. Megan, I’m intrigued by that Pluto book (I’m assuming it’s about the ex-planet Pluto, not the Disney pup)!

      My new book is currently a manuscript sitting on my agent’s desk, but if/when the book finds a publisher, I promise I’ll post all the details here. I should warn you that it’s nothing like the Montmaray books, although it does contain a couple of smart, imaginative teenage girls and a lot of history . . . and also lots of science!

      1. Michelle-
        You have already shown that you can write good books when you have to do a lot of research and some world-building and when you are writing about something closer to your own experience.I look forward to whatever comes next.
        Finished the Pluto book (and yes, it is about the astronomical object, not a dog) and I enjoyed it.
        What I have read most recently and what I think you might enjoy as well is The Adventures of Madalene and Louisa. Two sisters wrote and illustrated it in the 1860s, but it was not published until 1980.They were keen teenage entomologists, daughters of an admiral, and blissfully free of a governess for a while. And they made the most of it . The drawings of the insects are both precise and charming, and if the sisters chose to depict themselves as middle-aged (or older) – well, why not.?
        Best wishes

        1. Thank you, Megan, both for the compliments about my books and for the book recommendations. I’ve heard about The Adventures of Madalene and Louisa and it does sound fascinating.

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