4 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Winners!”

  1. Thanks so much, Michelle! Mine arrived today and I was very excited to get it! It’s so beautiful!

    There’s nothing like freeing a package from a letter box and feeling it and knowing it’s a book!


  2. Hi Michelle!

    The book is really lovely! Oddly enough, one of the really nice details of the design is something that doesn’t really get shown in pictures of the book: the red spine!

    My sister was so excited about the dedication and is now definitely planning to read the Montmaray books. Having already shared the books with my mum, who loved them, I’m so looking forward to being able to share them with my sister too.

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books!


    1. Oh, that’s good – our joint efforts have convinced your sister! Hope she enjoys them!

      And yes, that red spine is lovely. The hardcover edition of Book One had (under the jacket) a royal purple spine with silver writing, which was even more gorgeous.

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