The FitzOsbornes At War

The publication date for the Australian edition of The Montmaray Journals, Book Three: The FitzOsbornes at War is:

2 April, 2012

Give or take a week or so. I mean, we’re not talking a Harry Potter-style release date here, with security guards monitoring the cartons of books, and an electronic billboard doing a countdown, and thousands of costumed fans lined up outside bookstores at midnight. (Although, if you want to dress up in a 1940s frock and take your Portuguese Water Dog on a leash when you buy your copy, you can, of course! And please send me a photograph.)

EDITED TO ADD: Current publication date for the North American edition is 9 October, 2012, but this could change!

14 thoughts on “The FitzOsbornes At War”

    1. How about I put up some links to Australian online booksellers closer to publication date? Sadly for you, the Australian dollar has risen a lot lately, so it might be a bit expensive, what with postage and everything. I don’t know enough about e-books to know if the Australian e-book will be compatible with American e-readers – I must investigate that.

  1. At the risk of it appearing that I’m stalking you (which would be kind of weird and perhaps controversial) I want to say congratulations! (and I almost never use an exclamation mark). I’ll be one of many on the lookout for it – and it is tempting to go the 1940s frock.

    1. Thanks, Joanne! You could wear a red spotted 1940s frock.

      I’m afraid I can’t stalk you back until your blog(s) start accepting my comments. Maybe Blogspot thinks they’re too controversial. Or weird.

  2. I’m also very excited it will be coming out in about five months! Fortunately for us, time flies these days, so the wait will not seem too horribly long! I can’t wait to read it! repeatedly!

  3. I think the Australian editions can be order from The Book Depository but it’ll more expensive. But TBD has free shipping worldwide so that’s something. I’ve been tempted to order the Australian editions because the covers are so pretty.

  4. I’m so happy that I finally know the release date (even though it’s sooooooo far away for us Canadians 😉 ) BUT I’m pretty sure that it will be worth the wait!

  5. I’m sooooo excited that it’s finally coming out!! I’ve been waiting so long and now i’m really close to reading it!!!

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