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Those beautiful, elaborate paper sculptures that have been popping up in Edinburgh libraries seem to have come to an end, sadly. Thank you, Mysterious Sculptor, for sharing them with us.

Which reminds me of my favourite entry in this year’s Creative Reading Prize in the Inkys – the amazing book sculpture (I’m not sure how else to describe it) of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Look at wee Harry, climbing through the tunnel with his broom, and Slytherin’s locket, and the detailed blurb on the back cover! Fabulous work, Rebecca. (And yes, my favourite entry last year was the French-knitted Harry Potter.)

I love this: Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently. Except the fourth one isn’t actually a lie. Tiny bears DO live in drain pipes.

The FitzOsbornes don’t live in a drain pipe, but they are on the Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Books of 2011 list. However, in the interests of balance and to stop myself getting a big head, I should point out that not everyone liked The FitzOsbornes in Exile. This Goodreads reviewer, for example, who said:

“The book was very unrealistic. First off, the reactions to certain situation were very unnaturally calm and anyone had real emotion to any situation. The story wasn’t bad but it shouldn’t have been that long for such a plot that wasn’t that interesting. Overall, the book left me with a very empty feeling. Nothing was settled. You never found out what happened to everyone. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.”

So, if you haven’t read any of my books: you’ve been warned.

But if that warning doesn’t put you off, you still have time to enter my Montmaray book giveaway. Entries close on the 4th of December (which is actually the 5th of December for Australians).

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Memoranda”

  1. I must remember to make my books short when the plot isn’t really that interesting (which it usually isn’t). And not to make people unnaturally calm when the situation calls for something more.
    Congratulations on the Kirkus listing, Michelle.

    1. And you must make certain that everything gets settled in the end, too, otherwise the book will be unrealistic.

      Actually, there’s an even better review on that Goodreads page, which starts “The FitzOsbornes in Exile is just as slow and mundane as A Brief History of Montmaray. . . ” Which makes me wonder why the reviewer read the second book, when the first was so bad.

      And thank you about Kirkus!

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