How To Buy My Books If You Don’t Live In Australia Or New Zealand

A box full of 'The FitzOsbornes at War'

A few North American readers have asked me how they can buy the Australian editions of my books, so here’s a list of some on-line booksellers who stock my books and deliver to overseas addresses.

A few notes: Due to territorial copyright laws, my Australian e-books aren’t available to readers outside Australia and New Zealand. Also, postage is very expensive in Australia, so ordering books from here isn’t cheap. On the bright side, non-Australian readers don’t have to pay the 10% sales tax that Australians do, so instead of paying the Recommended Retail Price of $18.95, you only have to pay about $17.00 (and most booksellers offer discounted prices as well). All prices below are in Australian dollars, and at the time I wrote this, one Australian dollar was worth about $US1.06. The FitzOsbornes at War goes on sale here on the 2nd of April, so the books probably won’t be in stock yet, but many of the booksellers below welcome pre-orders.

Abbey’s Bookshop charges $15 delivery for one book (and an additional $10 for each extra book) for delivery to North America, with slightly higher charges for deliveries to Europe. I’ve never ordered books from them, but Abbey’s is a reputable, long-established Sydney bookshop.

Gleebooks charges $10 for a parcel of less than 500g, and $18 for a parcel of up to 1kg, for anywhere outside Australia. I actually weighed The FitzOsbornes at War (guys, the things I do for you!)

'The FitzOsbornes at War' weigh-in

and it is slightly less than 400g, so even with packaging, delivery should only cost $10. However, that’s for an untracked parcel – you’ll need to contact Gleebooks for a quote if you want a tracked delivery service. As with Abbey’s, Gleebooks is a reputable and long-established local bookseller, but I haven’t ordered any books from them.

Readings charges “2 x weight (A 400g package will cost $AUS8) with a minimum freight cost of $AU7.95” for deliveries to North America and Europe, so I guess delivery of one book would cost about $10, similar to Gleebooks. I know nothing about Readings except that they’re in Melbourne and they were “Independent Bookseller of the Year” in 2010.

Fishpond charges a delivery fee of “$11.68 + $3.86 per item” to North America (which I think means that delivery of one book costs $15.54) with slightly higher charges for delivery to Europe. I hadn’t heard of Fishpond until recently, and when I tried to find out more, I came across some unhappy customers. Has anyone else had any experience with Fishpond?

Shearer’s Bookshop charges $26 for delivery of one book to North America, with an additional $8 for each extra book. As with Abbey’s and Gleebooks, Shearer’s is a reputable local bookseller, but I haven’t ordered any books from them.

Booktopia charges $27.50 delivery for one book (and an additional $7.50 for each extra book) for delivery to North America, with slightly higher charges for deliveries to Europe. I have ordered books from them before and the books arrived promptly, in good condition – however, I live in the same city as their warehouse, so I can’t say how reliable or prompt their overseas service is.

The Book Depository delivers free to pretty much anywhere in the world. However, it’s a UK company and my books are not actually published in the UK, so they have to order my books from Australia, then send them to you, so it might take a while. Still, free delivery! (How do they actually make any money?)

There are lots of other booksellers in Australia, but I haven’t listed them because their delivery charges are so high (for example, Kinokuniya charges FIFTY DOLLARS to send one little book to the US). If anyone has any other bookseller recommendations, please feel free to add them to the comments below.

Of course, if you live in North America, you can buy the paperback edition of The FitzOsbornes in Exile, which comes out this week, simply by walking into a bookshop and handing over a ten dollar bill and a few coins. So easy!

STOP PRESS: The cover of the North American edition of The FitzOsbornes at War has just been revealed.

8 thoughts on “How To Buy My Books If You Don’t Live In Australia Or New Zealand”

  1. Hmmm. I like the Australian cover a lot better. They are both neat, but the original one is more colorful.

  2. I saw that the Random House NZ site posted the teaching notes for The FitzOsbornes at War ( – I know it says on your website that they’re supposed to be released after the book, not sure if they put them up by accident? I haven’t looked because I don’t want to spoil myself, but I think they might contain info about the book that you don’t want out yet!

  3. Thanks, Stephanie. The Teachers’ Notes actually went up on the Australian Random House website on Friday, too, so I’ve now added the link to the pdf on my website. I think my publishers posted them now, because teachers and school librarians look at the teaching resources to decide if they’re going to order the book.
    And yes, the Teachers’ Notes are full of big spoilery spoilers, so don’t read them unless you want to know what happens in the book! Maybe I should put a warning on my webpage? Although I do say that the Teachers’ Notes include a plot summary, and they are teaching resources, so I guess if people download them, they should be expecting lots of details from the book.

    1. You’d probably have to check with the booksellers, but when I post books to the US using regular Australia Post, it usually takes seven to ten days. The books are being sent out from the warehouse to Australian booksellers now, so your book may even be posted to you before 2nd April.

      EDITED TO ADD: Just checked Abbey’s website and they say five to nine days.

  4. Thank you for this information. 🙂 I love the world of Montmaray and the FitzOsbornes. Cannot wait until my copy of FitzOsbornes at War arrives!

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