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Look what I received yesterday!

'The FitzOsbornes at War' North American ARC

It’s the North American ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) of The FitzOsbornes at War and it’s even bigger than the Australian edition, at a very hefty 554 pages. If you dropped one of these books on your foot, you could do yourself some serious damage. I should point out that the North American edition has more pages because the typeset is bigger, not because it contains more words. Although it does have one extra feature – a FitzOsborne family tree, dated 1955, so you can see the next generation of FitzOsborne cousins. Anyway, now I am busy proofreading all the pages.

Someone has also created a book trailer for A Brief History of Montmaray. It is excellently done, although the sea monster does look a bit like a whale. (But then, sea monsters are very sneaky and are Masters of Disguise. People sailing through the Bay of Biscay will be innocently strolling about on the deck of their ship and say, ‘Oh, look, is that a whaAARRGGHH!’ And that’s the last you ever see or hear of them.) I was also very impressed that the book trailer’s creator carefully cited every image used in the trailer. Well done.

Congratulations to all the Australian authors whose books were recognised in the Children’s Book Council Awards last week. Congratulations also to the New South Wales government, which, after a review, decided to continue the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. The awards will be presented in November this year at the State Library, rather than during the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May, as they have been in previous years. No congratulations to the new Queensland government, who decided, without a review, to cancel the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards. It’s the National Year of Reading everywhere in Australia except in Queensland, it seems.

Back in Sydney, the Museum of Sydney is running a Home Front: Wartime Sydney 1939-1945 exhibition from 31st March to 9th September. There will also be various ‘Life on the Homefront’ events, including ‘Dig for Victory’ kitchen garden tours, children’s activities and a ‘Victory in Europe’ GI dance on the VE Day anniversary.

The Sydney Writers’ Festival programme is also out, with lots of interest for all readers, including those who like historical and young adult books.

And I’m still blogging at Inside a Dog and will be giving away a Montmaray book at the end of the month, so come over and say hello.

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Memoranda”

    1. Yes, otherwise it would be a bit unfair! I’m planning on putting the 1955 family tree up on my author website with a big spoiler warning (as it shows various births, deaths and marriages that readers might not want to know about before they’ve read the book). I’m just not sure whether I should do it now, or after the North American edition comes out.

      (Actually, even the North American book version of the family tree leaves one particular person out, as my publishers couldn’t find a way to fit that person in!)

      1. Please, oh please, post it now? Waiting until October to see the next generation of FitzOsbornes would be torture!

        1. Well, most of the information’s already in the epilogue, anyway – there are just a few extra names and dates. It’s probably fairer to put the family tree up once the North American book goes on sale – that way, everyone gets to see it at the same time. (Also, this gives me time to draw a neat version with everyone’s name included – the one I sent my publishers was a bit disorganised.)

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