Miscellaneous Montmaravian Memoranda

'The FitzOsbornes at War' North American edition The FitzOsbornes at War has been getting some nice reviews in North America, including a starred review in Kirkus and reviews at The Book Smugglers and Tea Cozy.

I also loved this post about the British Ministry of Food at The Children’s War, which was inspired by Sophie FitzOsborne’s wartime job. There’s an inspirational advertising poster (“HELP WIN THE WAR ON THE KITCHEN FRONT”), a photo of a Victory garden, a video discussing the Ministry of Food, and best of all, some examples of the Food Facts that were published in The Times (“Good News About Carrots”). The Children’s War is also a terrific resource if you’re looking for children’s and YA books about the Second World War.

Meanwhile, over at My Book, The Movie, I’ve been talking about the (hypothetical) casting of the (hypothetical) movie of The FitzOsbornes at War.

And I’ve now set up a Montmaray Q & A page for anyone who wants to ask me questions about the series (beware, it contains plot spoilers for all three books, especially the last book).

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Montmaravian Memoranda”

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Michelle, about The Children’s War. I had to laugh about Sophie’s wartime job when I read it and I really love it when a book leads to something else.
    I really enjoyed The FitzOsbornes at War, in fact, all the FitzOsborne books. I was only sorry to say good-bye to them when I finished (but plan to revisit with a reread one day soon). I was particularly grateful for the last bit – nice to know those things.
    I hope the movie works out – will be keeping my fingers crossed. We can all speculate who could play whom. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your post, Alex, and for your reviews of the Montmaray books. Have you read The Night Watch by Sarah Waters? It’s certainly not children’s/YA, but one of the main characters also works in the wartime Ministry of Food.

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