Some More Montmaravian Art

Some more Montmaravian artwork by Noah Hayes, who made a colour storyboard of A Brief History of Montmaray for his college design course. It begins with Sophie in a boat at sea:

'Montmaray storyboard 1' by Noah Hayes

'Montmaray storyboard 2' by Noah Hayes

She sees something very spooky in the depths of the water…

'Montmaray storyboard 3' by Noah Hayes

But fortunately, it’s only a dream. (Or is it?)

'Montmaray storyboard 4' by Noah Hayes

So she goes about her regular daily routine, saying hello to the chickens …

'Montmaray storyboard 5' by Noah Hayes

and visiting Veronica in the library.

'Montmaray storyboard 6' by Noah Hayes

'Montmaray storyboard 7' by Noah Hayes

Little does Sophie suspect what cruel and terrible fate awaits her innocent island kingdom!

(I think I’ve been reading too much Wilkie Collins lately.)

Anyway, lots of exciting stuff happens.

And SPOILER ALERT! it all ends in tragedy:

'Montmaray end' by Noah Hayes

(Don’t worry, there are two more books after that for Sophie to sort things out.)

Thanks again, Noah!

2 thoughts on “Some More Montmaravian Art”

  1. Hey! Just finishished the montmaray trilogy. And I fell completely in love, feeling so blessed to get to stumble over such a work of ART!!! But I am just wondering: is there something happening with the creation of a Montmaray film/series? I mean, with the right director and actors and all it could become incredible!

    1. Thank you – I’m very glad you enjoyed the Montmaray books! The film and television rights were acquired by a US producer a couple of years ago and the latest update on that is here. If anything exciting happens regarding a film or tv series, I’ll make sure I post about it here on my blog!

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