‘Dr Huxley’s Bequest’ Miscellanea

'Dr Huxley's Bequest' by Michelle Cooper

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter (that is, the entire population of the universe, minus about 48 people), here are some bits and pieces about my latest book, Dr Huxley’s Bequest:

The Great Raven recently published a guest post from me, in which I explain why I turned to self-publishing for my fifth book.

– The Children’s Book Council of Australia published a nice review at Reading Time, saying, “This thoroughly researched chronology of medicinal inventions, discoveries and disasters is presented in an interesting and engaging manner. Dr Huxley’s Bequest is a fascinating look at the role science, pseudo-science, and convenient accidents have had on the well-being of humanity … perfect for readers aged 12 and up.”

Magpies Magazine also reviewed it, saying, “Cooper approaches the history of medicine with the same eclectic verve, pace and off-beat imagination as she demonstrates in her historically-based novels … the reader is positively bombarded with fascinating information.”

– Telani Croft at The Book Nut enjoyed the book and her thoughtful review concluded “… strong characters and a believable purpose combine with a deft writerly touch to produce an interesting and engaging narrative that educates and, as I mentioned, provides a positive perspective on research and the quest for knowledge, and this cannot be undervalued. I can see this being picked up by young readers for pleasure, but I would also commend it to teachers to consider as a class text, due to its quality and relevance to learning.”

Read Plus said, “The mystery technique is a fantastic way to tell the story of medicine from ancient Egyptian times to current genetic testing.”

– And Kate Constable wrote on her blog that she “learned something new on every page, but … it never feels too educational! It’s just like a very clever, funny person telling you loads of really interesting stories about medicine.” Thank you, Kate!

2 thoughts on “‘Dr Huxley’s Bequest’ Miscellanea”

  1. Coming back – very belatedly – to comment. Did you know the Welsh exam board WJEC has a unit on Medicine through the ages – its official title is ‘Changes in Health and Medicine c 1340 to the present day.’
    I think your book would be excellent background reading for those doing the course, but unfortunately, I don’t know enough history teachers to spread the word. (I’ll mention it to any I do come across obvs!)

    1. Sorry I haven’t responded before this, Ann. (I work in a hospital and things have been fairly frantic lately, so I haven’t had much time to check my blog!) That sounds like an excellent unit for students. I’m sure there are some great Welsh resources on the topic, but I’m very happy if my book is a fun background read for students. I do have a teaching resources guide for the book, although it’s based on the Australian science curriculum.

      A few weeks ago I was planning to do a blog post with recommended science/health books for pandemic reading. Maybe this weekend I’ll find the energy …

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