Vintage Classics Children’s Collection

This week, Random House Australia announced the launch of a new series of classic children’s books, with the first twenty-one books to be published in August. It’s a wonderful list, including some of my favourite children’s books. Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, I Capture the Castle, What Katy Did, Treasure Island, Emil and the Detectives, The Railway Children . . . and guess what? One of the titles is A Brief History of Montmaray! It will have a lovely illustrated cover and will look like this:

'A Brief History of Montmaray' Vintage Classic edition

Pretty, isn’t it? The other Australian title on the list is Deborah Abela’s The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen.

In other news, I’m still blogging away at Inside a Dog until the end of the month, so come over and say hello and read about life in wartime England.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Classics Children’s Collection”

  1. When I read A Brief History of Montmaray, I was struck by how much it seemed like a classic. Lo and behold – now it is one!
    I love the slight touches of colour on the cover art…very fitting.

    1. Thanks, Tonks!
      I think my favourite part of the cover is that little sailing ship on the spine (obviously the sea monster is lurking out of sight).

  2. Such a pretty cover, I love it; but now I have to decide which version I am going to buy, too many lovely choices!

    1. Clearly, the answer to your dilemma is to buy ALL of them! (But the Vintage Classics edition is a lot cheaper than the original Australian edition. The Vintage one’s not out till August, though.)

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