Lois Lowry on Book Banning

“By and large, the people who challenge and ban books are not the most intelligent people in the world. I’ll probably regret being quoted on that. But they are somewhat shallow in their reactions, taking things out of context and seeming to be unable to see the deeper meaning. Often kids are the ones who can see things clearly.”

When parents are genuinely concerned about the “dark content” of her books,

“I try to explain to them that, of course, we would all love to protect our children from everything. We can’t do that. It’s a troubling world out there. And the best place to learn about what the world is like is within the pages of a book within the safety of your own home, with your mum in the next room and people to talk to about it. I think that books are very valuable that way. And kids who aren’t allowed that experience go into the world unprepared, unrehearsed for what they’re about to face.”

Lois Lowry, interviewed at The Sydney Morning Herald

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